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An area for all the items that we make and supply that simply just don't fit in any other product category, from wooden fans and carving kits to hand carved gypsy flowers with heads made from a single piece of wood. As we work with natural materials & products, the style and shape of the completed items we offer are subject to natural variation, it is impossible to show every permutation of these unique products here, please contact us for our current stock situation or to discuss a  commission piece.  


Price Each In UK Pounds

Fan Birds

A carved wooden bird made from a single piece of wood, these birds are designed to be hung from the ceiling and move in a graceful way at the slightest breeze (See this video)

The birds symbolise the Holy Spirit and under folklore, offer the owning household protection, health and happiness.


From 25.00/each

Click here to download the Legend Of The Fan Bird (PDF)

Styles & Shapes vary, bird pictured is for
illustrative purposes only.

(Fan Birds are sold at buyers risk of damage occurring during transit,  
Birds will be packed as safely and securely as possible, it is
preferable to collect if at all possible)




Hand Carved Gypsy Flowers

Gypsy flowers are decorative wooden flowers that were traditionally made by the travelling community. These flowers are available in differing styles, with either open or closed curled petals, as can be seen from the photograph 

There is a natural variance in the colour as dictated by the woods used in their manufacture, which are typically Hazel, Ash and Willow.

Each flower is individually carved and supplied with a stem of thin Willow or Hazel.



Price Breaks Available For Larger Quantities

Flowers are supplied as separate heads and
stems to minimise shipping damage, all you need to do
 is put the stem in the predrilled hole in the flower base,
style & shape vary considerably due to natural variance.

These flowers are fragile and may suffer some petal loss
in transit for which we cannot be held liable.

Jug pictured is NOT supplied
Gypsy Pegs.

Our traditional wooden Gypsy Pegs are hand made from coppiced Hazel and Willow grown in and around the South Downs National Park in West Sussex.

These pegs are approx 10cm in length and have been made using a traditional Romany method shown to us first hand by an old gentleman of the woods. Larger & smaller pegs can be made to order.



Whimmy Diddle.

The Whimmy Diddle or YeeHaw as it is also known, is a traditional child's toy that has been enjoyed by children of all ages for many many years. To use the Whimmy Diddle move the rubbing stick against the notched stick to make the propeller spin, with practice and perhaps a little magic, you can make the propeller stop and spin in the other direction, but how?.

Watch our video of the Whimmy Diddle in action here




Hand Carved Bullroarer.

Although considered to be an Aboriginal instrument, the bullroarer is in fact one of the few musical instruments that has been found in cultures across the globe, with references to their use dating back to the Paleolithic period.

Our Bullroarers are hand carved from a variety of British hardwoods and feature a tooled finish. Each and every Bullroarer we supply has been tested to make it sure it works prior to despatch.




Size 15 - 20cm long.


Bow Drill Set

Don't have the time or materials to make your own, or simply don't know where to start?, why not purchase one of our ready made & fully working Bow Drill sets?, these are made from the woods we use ourselves for the bow drill technique, such as Hazel, Sycamore & Willow.

Each set is supplied in a fully working condition and is tested prior to despatch, where we will burn in one hole, cut a notch and produce a single ember, we will also burn in one additional area for you.




Kit Includes

Hearth, Spindle
Wooden Bearing Block
Ember Pan, Bow String
 Tinder Material.
 Instruction Sheet.

Bow NOT Supplied.

Currently out of stock

Hand Made Wooden Plant Labels

Crafted from sustainable British hardwoods, these labels offer an alternative to the mass produced plastic variety and are far more attractive, to reuse the labels, simply give then a light rub down with some sand paper and they are ready for use again, and should you lose one or two in the garden, they will simply rot and return to nature. Packed in bundles of ten.



Garden Sheep Hurdle

Hand crafted rustic sheep hurdle that's just perfect as a divider in the garden, a frame for trailing plants to run along or as it was originally intended, as a livestock pen (perfect for chickens with the addition of some chicken wire).

Our standard hurdle is supplied at 4ft wide x 3ft high, different sizes can be accommodated upon request. Traditional split Ash hurdles are also available, please contact us for details.


From 25.00/each

Made to order only, please contact us to
discuss your requirements.

Due to the size and weight of this product,
 it is available for local delivery only.
Hand Made Wooden Rake

Wooden garden/border rake made in a traditional style, all parts of the rake head have been produced by hand using traditional rake makers tools, manufacturing marks from these tools are visible on the finished product.

The tines and rake head are made from cleft Ash, with the head being shaped with a draw knife and given a light sanding to finish.




Handle length 3ft, Head Width min 14inches +/- 10%

Photographs are representative of the rakes we
make, each rake is unique due to the
natural variances in the materials used and
over which we have no control.

Due to the size and weight of this product,
 it is available for local delivery only at a
 flat rate charge of 6.00 per delivery.

    Prices exclude delivery unless otherwise noted, UK Delivery via Courier from 6.95.  

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