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Practical Demonstrations For Schools, Groups & Events

A large part of the service offered by Sussex Woodsman is the provision of practical demonstrations that illustrate woodland crafts and provide your group or class with the opportunity to actually see and experience products being made and the processes employed in their manufacture..

Our presentations can be undertaken in the classroom, in the actual environment being studied or as part of an organised event such as a village fete or country show, our demonstrations not only add something different to your event, but they also allow people to witness & study the tools, equipment, techniques and products that are used in a woodland environment, which we feel is vital if we are to help preserve our rapidly disappearing heritage.

Not only will we demonstrate the technology and it's methodology, but we can offer (subject to content) the opportunity for your students and/or visitors, to use the tools so they can gain hands on knowledge of how they work and the processes involved, which we feel is vital if they are to understand the subject matter.


Our most popular demonstration by far is spoon carving, people find it fascinating to witness something as simple and mundane as a wooden spoon emerge from within a log, but are quite often unaware of the involved process entailed in carving a spoon from the study of which woods to use, the consideration of grain direction and shape, to deciding where to place the handle and bowl and then using tools such as the axe and knife to make the basic spoon, before moving onto more refined and specialist tools to complete the spoon.

Demonstration subject matters include, but are not limited to;
  • Spoon & bowl carving
  • Traditional crafts ie Gypsy Flowers, Gypsy Pegs
  • Natural cordage
  • Net making
  • Primitive technology
  • Trees and their uses
  • Ash gate hurdle making

In most instances we will need to bring cutting tools of one form or another on site, these tools are vital to the demonstrations and subjects we cover, however, no tools will be bought on site, without the prior permission of the event organiser, head teacher or group leader and all tools will be kept and demonstrated in a safe & secure manner, we also carry our own first aid kit as a matter of course.

We have undertaken risk assessment studies of the subjects we typically display for educational and demonstration purposes, copies of these are available on request.  Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your educational requirements or to enquire about booking us to demonstrate traditional countryside skills and crafts at your event.

Some demonstration subjects may not be covered by our standard Public or Product Liability Insurance, if special arrangements need to be made to cover the required content on our insurance then this will be discussed with the client and all additional expenditure incurred by ourselves to cover the event will be recharged to the client at cost. 


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