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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I book you for my school, group or event?

If you would like to book the Sussex Woodsman to run a series of practical demonstrations at your school or
 community event, then please contact us with details of when and where your event will be
held & the expected duration.
Upon receipt of your enquiry we will call/email you to discuss the available options and ideas for suitable
subject matter to meet the demands of your event, if required we will arrange a site visit where we can
discuss your requirements in further detail, as well as showing you the materials and tools we propose to use.

I have never spent time in the woods or carved anything, can I still attend your courses?

We would love to be the people that introduce you to the wonderful world of green wood crafts,
 you don't need any experience to attend our courses.  

 Are your courses safe?

Our courses are as safe as they possibly can be, however, please bear in mind that the activities
we teach involve the use of cutting tools, such as axes, saws & knives, therefore certain risks cannot
 be eliminated without destroying the unique character of the activities, before undertaking any activity,
we will demonstrate the safe way to handle and use the tools being used, and while you try the activity for
yourself, we keep a constant vigil for unsafe and dangerous practice. 

Are you insured?

Yes, we hold 5m of Public & Product Liability Insurance.

Where will the course be held?

On and around the South Downs National Park at two sites near to Ashington & Steyning in West Sussex.

What happens if it's raining?

If it's raining, the course will still proceed, we set-up our outdoor classroom under a large tarp or parachute,
which normally suffices to keep the worst of the weather off of us

We reserve the right to postpone and/or cancel courses due to adverse/unsafe weather conditions, in which case
you will be offered an alternative date on which to take your course.

Can I book a course to suit my schedule

Yes, the dates listed on our Events page are those dates where we have prior commitments at shows and events,
please contact us to arrange a course to suit your schedule.

Can I bring my own knife or axe with me?

Yes, you may bring your own tools with you on any of our courses, as we feel that maintaining tool familiarity
 is an important part of the learning process, however, your tools will be checked for suitability and general
condition before the course commences. If we feel your carving tools are not suitable, you will not be
allowed to use them.

What do I need to bring with me?

Just yourself, unless otherwise advised, we do recommend bringing a hat and some additional layers of clothing,
even in the Summer, in the shade of a leafy Oak, it can feel chilly even in the midday heat.
A note book and pen may also be of use.

We do not supply food on our courses therefore you will need to make provision for yourself in this respect,
we have a Kelly Kettle on permanent duty at fixed camp locations, so fresh Tea & Coffee is available all day
and normally on tap, however, please bring adequate refreshments with you if directed to do so
, don't be
fooled into thinking because it's cold you don't need as much water, cold is just as much a killer as heat can be.
Alcohol is banned
on all of our courses.

What time do the courses start & end at?

Our day courses typically start at 09:30am and have a minimum duration of six hours, which, through experience,
we have found to be the ideal course length, as many people will start to become tired long before the course
duration has been achieved.

 Start and end times will be confirmed at the time of booking.

Do I need special clothing?

Clothing should be comfortable and hard wearing, ideally it should be comprised of several layers as this allows
you to remove a layer if you get too hot or add a layer if you get too cold,  please also ensure that you have
adequate water proof clothing with you, please also ensure you wear footwear that is suitable for use in the
countryside, flip flops are not suitable footwear.

Is there a toilet

Yes, we have the use of a "Portaloo", (which is cleaned and serviced weekly) at our Ashington facility, 
the toilet is on site all year, the woodland site we use has no facilities whatsoever, there are however plenty of
trees to hide behind.


Do you recycle packaging when sending out orders?

We believe in sustainable practices and not littering the planet with unnecessary fancy packaging,
therefore and where practical, we use recycled packaging to send orders out.



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