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About Us

Sussex Woodsman was established by Mark Emery to help preserve our traditional  countryside/woodland crafts & skills and ultimately to pass on these skills, along with an understanding and appreciation of the natural world and the wealth of renewable resources that are available.

During Mark's tenure as an outdoorsman, he has studied the natural world and the renewable resources it offers in an effort to understand and to ultimately help preserve the knowledge and the wealth of skills and crafts that are quickly being forgotten in our throw away world, unfortunately, once these skills have gone, they are gone forever.

Whilst Mark has been fortunate enough to learn many skills from indigenous peoples around the world, it is the British countryside that he holds dear and he spends many hours in the woods and countryside practicing and refining his existing skills and importantly learning new skills from his peers and the craftsmen & women who have used them on a daily basis all of their working lives. 

Mark feels that it is a great honour to be able to pass on the knowledge and skills that he has learnt, as well as the knowledge gained from his own experiences of living and working in the countryside to the next generation of outdoorsmen & women and hopes that in time, they too will see fit to pass on their knowledge and skills to the next generation of outdoors men and women and in doing so, help preserve our rapidly  disappearing heritage.

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